After countless nights reading, reviewing, revising, editing, and then re-reading, I have, at last, completed the 2nd Edition of ‘Flowers from Cannibals’.  It’s now available on  Despite what no less than one hundred people told me, it took a lot longer than I thought.  When people ask me how many books I read in 2011, I can tell them it was over 50.  I just don’t explain that it was mostly the same book over and over again.

My plan from here is to query literary agents and perhaps a couple small publishing houses.  I know it’s a long process and I’m prepared to open rejection letters and emails in the same frequency that I recieve holiday cards and emails between Thankgiving and Christmas.

I will also approach school systems about having the book put on the summer reading list.  I’ve got a couple of local schools interested.  Flowers from Cannibals has a stong anti-bullying theme and that has appeal to Massachusetts school system.


Global warming is the number 1 environmental issue today. It may not seem it on a day when its snowing, but the Earth is undeniably getting warmer. To most the effects are too gradual to notice; the flowers bloom a day or two earlier in the spring, or the leaves fall off the trees a day or two later in the fall, but the signs are there. One of the main reasons I wrote The Colleen Colgan Chronicles was to raise global warming awareness, particularly what can happen when people ignore what seems like, at the time, minor effects. Who cares if the flowers bloom a day or two earlier, isn’t that a good thing? Or if the first snow holds off a week or two later, less shoveling, right? No scientist can tell you how the damage we are doing today with CO2 output will affect the environment in the future. When do we hit the climatic point of “no return”, meaning the Earth starts to warm itself irregardless of whether we stop pumping CO2 into the atmousphere? There’s less urgency for people to act now because a degree or two here or there doesn’t effect me. That could be the ultimate downfall of the environment. Will our Earth in the 25th century look like Erin’s 2463 Earth? Nobody, scientist or 8th grader can say for sure. When you read my book, I ask you to pay special attention to Chapter 9- Armageddon. As you read ask yourself “Is this just Science Fiction or could this really happen?” Maybe what action we take today can affect what happens 20, 50, 200 years down the road. Maybe what we do or don’t do today actually determines what happens in the future. My request would be to do whatever you can today, whether it be turning off a light switch when you leave a room to getting more politcally involved in regulating a transition to more “green” engergies like wind and solar. Your actions today may end up saving the Earth tomorrow.