After countless nights reading, reviewing, revising, editing, and then re-reading, I have, at last, completed the 2nd Edition of ‘Flowers from Cannibals’.  It’s now available on  Despite what no less than one hundred people told me, it took a lot longer than I thought.  When people ask me how many books I read in 2011, I can tell them it was over 50.  I just don’t explain that it was mostly the same book over and over again.

My plan from here is to query literary agents and perhaps a couple small publishing houses.  I know it’s a long process and I’m prepared to open rejection letters and emails in the same frequency that I recieve holiday cards and emails between Thankgiving and Christmas.

I will also approach school systems about having the book put on the summer reading list.  I’ve got a couple of local schools interested.  Flowers from Cannibals has a stong anti-bullying theme and that has appeal to Massachusetts school system.