Colleen is a tortured 8th grader.  It’s been the same misery every school year since kindergarten.  Day after day of relentless teasing and bullying, ever since her ugly secret got out eight years ago- part of her brain is from a chimpanzee.  That’s why she never saw it coming when Erin, the popular new girl in school, wanted to hang with her.

Erin’s got a big secret of her own.  She’s from the future, and she needs Colleen’s help. The world has been destroyed by global warming.  Erin’s people, the last band of desperate humans, are struggling to survive the oppressive heat of 2463 Earth.  Now they’re dying off by the thousands from a strange and lethal virus.  And the only cure is found on a tiny island in present day Indonesia inhabited by the Korombai tribe, ruthless cannibals from which no one has ever returned.

But what can a scared, withdrawn 13 year old girl do to save the world? Colleen will learn that her “curse” may turn out to be the greatest “gift” of all.  She’ll have to discover a courage and strength she’s never known to battle all the hell-ish foes in a desperate crusade to save humanity.

But will she have to sacrifice her life to do it?